Creating an Office 365 account. (Part 1)

Creating an Office 365 account. (Part 1)

In this tutorial I will explain to you exactly how to create an Office 365 account and I’ll also show you how to set it up so that you can access it via your outlook as well as online.

Just a quick explanation as to what Office 365 is, and what it can do for you.  So in basic terms Office 365 is an Cloud based Exchange server that allows you to seamlessly connect multiple email clients and sync all your mail without losing track.  Now in the old days before Office 365 came out, you had to spend quite a large amount of money before you would be able to have an Exchange server.

For the SMB’s (Small to Medium size business) this subject was, and still is an expensive route, however for a company with more than 30 employees, it’s quite important to have an Exchange server which can be managed.  Not only do you pay for licensing costs or hardware costs, you had to maintain your “server” or “servers” as well, so you probably ended up employing someone to do just that for you.

So then Office 365 came out.  This was Microsoft’s first attempt to successfully lunch an Cloud based Mail Exchange service.  To be quite honest we’ve been with Office 365 since it came out in 2010 and we’ve never had any issues or downtime what so ever.

With that all said we need to understand how it works, how we can benefit from this amazing service.  Imagine you can deploy Microsoft Exchange server without paying any upfront costs.  No hardware costs, no software costs, no employing someone to maintain your servers.  Well with Office 365 you have all those benefits.

You don’t need to worry about any downtime because your Mail or your Exchange is synced onto more than 20 data centers around the world.  Now I know what your question is.  Is it secure?  Yes indeed.  Microsoft uses top of the range encryption technology to make sure that your mail is secure.  If you want to know more information about Office 365 go to: 

Well let’s get started and get you hooked up to your very first Office 365 account.

Step 1: (Creating and singing up for your account.)

In this step we will cover how to set up your account.  Head over to:

Click on the button “Try it today” inside the banner that shows: “Transform how you run your business with Office 365″

Office 365 account

Once you’ve clicked on try it today, you will be directed to another page saying: “Best for small business premium”.  Now you have the option to create an Office 365 right there, or your can click on the Trail account.  I mean, I’m sure you want to first test it out to see if it really works for you or your business.  So I’m going to continue the tutorial with creating a trial account.

Once you clicked on starting your free trial account, you will be navigated to the sign up page.  The signup page is pretty simple and to the point.  Go ahead and fill in your personal details. Just a tip, always make your passport strong with no spaces and something memorable.  The last thing you want it someone hacking your account.

When finished signing up you will be directed to your new Office 365 environment.  A pop-up will appear asking you your mobile number.  Now that’s totally up to you if you want to add your number or not.

Office 365 Admin Dashboard

Okay so when you finished adding your mobile phone you will be navigated to your Admin Dashboard.

Office 365 Admin Dashboard

Step 2: (Understanding your dashboard.)

Anything new in our lives can be quite daunting, however I feel like Microsoft did a great job by keeping it simple and straight forward.  When looking at the dashboard you will see that Microsoft sub sectioned everything for us.  Your email will be on the left.  Your SharePoint will be second from left, and then Microsoft introduced public website.  This feature allows you to create a very basic web presence for your organization.

And then last but not least, Software. This is where you can download your Microsoft Office applications.  With office 365 you can get the latest Office software, depending on which package your subscribe to.  Your important settings are at the bottom of the page.  In the top right you will see all your important navigational icons, such as: Outlook, Calendar, People, and Skydrive.

Step 3: (Setting up your email.)

Go to and click on the  Email address icon on the left hand side of the Admin Dashboard.  Office 365 will navigate you to page with a header saying:  “Change your address to your”

Setting up your company email


The important thing to remember is that shifting over your domain records to Office 365 takes up to 45 minutes.  In part two of this tutorial I will explain how to do so, for now we going to skip this step because I’m sure you want to first experience this service before shifting over domain records.

So go ahead and click on maybe later.  After you’ve clicked on “maybe later”, you will be directed to the Admin dashboard.

Office 365 Admin Dashboard


Once you back in the admin dashboard, click on Outlook on the top right corner of the page.  The next page will look like this:

Office Mobile


When you click save you will be navigated to your Outlook account.  This is exactly the same as your Office application on your Personal Computer.  Well you have successfully signed up for an Office 365 account.

Office 365 Outlook page

Step 4:  (Downloading the latest Office software on your PC.)

One of the nifty features of Office 365 is the ability to download the latest Office software on your own Personal Computer.  So it’s quite cool because now you don’t need to spend large amounts of money to get all your employees Microsoft Office and when a new version gets released, your Office will update itself to the latest version.

To install the software on your Personal Computer go to your Admin dashboard by clicking on the top right corner of the page.  Once your in your Admin dashboard click on the software paragraph located on the right hand side of your dashboard.

Once you’ve clicked on the Software paragraph you will be navigated to this page: Office 365 software installation page


Click on: “Set up your software”.  On the second page you have a couple of options to choose from:

Choose installment method


At the top of the page you will see which programs will be installed onto your computer.  Right below that you will have the option to choose your language and version.  If you like me and prefer to install a 64 bit version then click on advanced and choose 64 bit.  If you not to sure which one to choose, then rather stick with 32 bit.

Once you done with choosing your version, hit “Install” and start the process.  Note that it will only download the setup file not the whole Software.  This allows you to start using the programs without waiting for it to fully download.

When you done with the installation it will ask you for your Office 365 Email and Password, go ahead and fill that out.  This is Microsoft’s method of checking whether your copy is legit or not

We came to the end of Part 1.  Subscribe to our blog page to receive notice when I will post Part 2.

Thanks for reading my post and remember if you want to skip these steps then get us to do it for you.  Just visit for more information.


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